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3 Key Decisions You Need To Make To Thrive As A Business Owner During A Recession

Discover real actionable tips and strategies that you can implement in your business immediately to ensure the strongest return during and after a recession.

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You aren't a COOKIE, so NO cookie cutter solutions!

Getting rid of the should, FOMO and what the Jones’ are doing.
We focus on behavioural finance – it's baked into our process and methodology.

A Good Financial Plan Will Give You Confidence

  • Confidence to live your ideal life
  • Confidence to run your business as you see fit
  • Confidence to control the hustle and grind
  • Confidence that your future is planned and accounted for

It's Time For Something Different

are you tired of

the same old financial planning? The kind where you fill out a data sheet and then the computer magically pops out all the answers?

Are you tired of

the system where your level of service and the price you pay is predicated on the amount of investable assets you have? (And that you give them to manage)


the lead always being "buy this product" or "let me manage your money" – with no context?

Welcome to Black Star Wealth

A boutique financial planning firm working with clients across the country. We are a hybrid of fee for service and traditional – but mixed together in the best way – to give you the most choice and control.
We are not your Grandfather’s or your Mother's financial planning firm. We are different. Want to see the difference? Book a Discovery call to find the best program for you.

How We Help

We have programs & Services for Both Personal & Business Clients. Schedule A free Consult Below To Find Out How We Can Help You.



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About Wendy Brookhouse

Hi, I’m Wendy Brookhouse. I started as a reluctant self employed person over 20 years ago to a seasoned veteran who is now advising entrepreneurs on all the elements of increasing their wealth.

My approach over that time frame hasn’t changed – the questions are the most important piece of the puzzle as the answers are always changing, that removing friction points so that getting to success has the least number of barriers and that the how of a plan is maybe even more important than the what.

I have taken all my lessons of success and failures a business owner, all of the unique methodologies I have developed, and the extensive advanced education I have taken and assembled these into a program just for Entrepreneurs called the Total Wealth Accelerator. Are you a high earning, not rich yet entrepreneur – you should check it out.

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