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The building or running of a business is not for the weak of heart. I work with business owners of all different stages of the Entrepreneurship journey and am continually inspired by their ideas, perseverance, and true grit. Join us for lessons of inspiration, motivation, and hard knocks. And learn about some pretty amazing businesses and entrepreneurs along the way.

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Wendy Brookhouse knows how to find, keep and grow your wealth. She is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Black Star Wealth where she weaves in her experience in business consulting, business ownership, and focusing on simplification to achieve outstanding results. Knowing that creating wealth takes more than just math, Wendy addresses the baggage and behaviors that keep people from doing what is in their own financial interests.

Wendy is a Certified Financial Planner with an Executive MBA and she’s the author of Burn Your Budget: How to Spend Your Way to Financial Freedom. She serves on the faculty of the Women’s Leadership Intensive; served as chair and a director of Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia and Junior Achievement of Canada. She is a media ambassador for FP Canada and the host of The Real Bottom Line, a podcast featuring entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. She loves Rugby and is always ready to travel for a good concert.


  • The true cost of not having a financial plan
  • How to stop your brain from making you poor
  • Stop compartmentalizing and keep your
  • finances simple!
  • Red flags in family dynamics: how to tell if your
  • kids are sabotaging your money
  • Financial Planning: The differences between
  • planning as a Corporate Executive vs. as a
  • Business Owner


  • How do our fears impact our finances?
  • Why are you on a crusade to get people to talk
  • about money?
  • What is a business owner’s Power Number™
  • and why should they know it?
  • What tips can you offer for those who are business
  • partners with their spouses?
  • What are the common barriers that prevent business
  • owners from financial planning?

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