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My Mother Did This Amazing Thing Better Than Prince or Aretha Franklin

No, my mother wasn’t a singer, although she did make my heart sing. She passed away in 2006 and I still miss her greatly.  She

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Your #1 Worry = Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

Your Worry: Is your number one worry about money? If it is, you are not alone. A recent Financial Stress survey by FP Canada revealed

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Blog Post Financial Confidence

Confidence Is The Key to Financial Power

Why Do You Need To Wield Your Full Financial Power? As women, we have so much financial power! We’re the majority of college/university graduates, we

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Clean out Your Financial Junk Drawer in 5 Easy Steps

Almost everyone has one....  You know, the place where you put all the financial envelopes and statements that you are going to deal with later…

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10 Tips to Manage your Finances during this Pandemic

10 Tips to Manage your Finances During This Pandemic

What a difference a week makes.   I’m a small business owner and have loads of small business owners as clients. We’ve gone into virtual mode

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Check Out What Our “Juniors” Are Achieving

I often speak to audiences about money: the stories we have about it, the shame and embarrassment we feel talking about it, and how social

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