To celebrate Valentine’s Day and to shed light on the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey we wanted to replay the episode with Tareq Hadhad. His company Peace by Chocolate is leading a fundraising campaign for relief efforts. Find out more at: https://peacebychocolate.ca/pages/earthquake-in-syria-and-turkey-relief

This is a must-listen episode for all Entrepreneurs who want inspiration.  Tareq came to Canada in 2015 with nothing. He is now a sought-after speaker, running a major chocolate factory and a couple of retail stores. The story of Peace By Chocolate is now available in a book and a soon-to-be-released feature film. This interview is an inspiration and reminds us that we can overcome almost everything and that hope is important. 

In this episode, we talk about

  • The importance of Building a family outside of your family
  • The interplay between profit and purpose
  • How Peace is the most important value you can have
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