February 22, 2022

Mary Jane Copps aka The Phone Lady is on a mission to make people less anxious and more masterful in their use of the telephone. In an era of texts, DMs, emails and a bijillion social platforms, a lot of people have lost their love of the phone or maybe didn’t ever love it. 



As an expert in all things phone, Mary Jane shares some great insights into:

  • Why Customer Service calls are totally different now
  • How to make Sales calls more effective
  • How often to follow up and what to do to get maximum results
  • What to say if you are leaving a voice mail

September 21st

Learn How To Double Your Prices In 20 Minutes

Buying the right products, having the right product to sell and the right strategy to market it – these are all important for your success, of course. However, come to this workshop and find out there is so much more to financial success for you. What Monica teaches is not “woo woo” either; it’s based in science.

Wendy Brookhouse

Wendy Brookhouse


Wendy has been getting people to their financial goals faster and easier than before for over a decade. She has known what it’s like to control cash flow from childhood, where her first job was raking blueberries for ten cents a pound.