Solutions for Personal Finances

What is financial planning?

In our opinion, it is looking at where you are today and where you want to be. It is about balancing the competing priorities of living today and saving for tomorrow.

The four pillars of a true holistic financial plan are spending, debt reduction, saving and investing, and a safety net.

That is why we invented the One Number Solution™

One Number Solutions

The One Number Solution™

Black Star Wealth™ created a unique tool that gives you a single number unique to you and your goals. This one number is your ticket on the express elevator to creating your wealthy life.

The good news - you will spend less time and energy thinking about your money while accumulating your growth.

Hard to believe? Absolutely. So read here to let our clients tell you their stories.

The number that lets you set goals, measure progress and get ahead while living your wealthy life. So if your goal is increased personal wealth and simplified focus we can help you level up.

Are you ready? Want to see if this is right for you? Let’s have a chat. 


  • Increased net worth
  • A better relationship with their partner
  • New money language
  • More joy from purchases
  • No guilt from planned indulgences
  • Increased savings