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The One Number Solution™ is your ticket on the express elevator to creating your wealthy life. We strive to help you find, keep and grow your money.

What is financial planning?

In our opinion, it is looking at where you are today and where you want to be. It is about balancing the competing priorities of living today and saving for tomorrow. The four pillars of a truly holistic financial plan are spending, debt reduction, saving and investing, and a safety net. That is why we invented the One Number Solution™ - we want to help you take control of your finances by finding, keeping, and growing your money. 

What is the One Number Solution™ ?

Black Star Wealth™ created a tool that gives you a single number unique to you and your goals.  The good news - you will spend less time and energy thinking about your money while accumulating your growth. This number lets you set goals, measure progress and get ahead while living your wealthy life. Our One Number Solution™ has proven to work time and time again with our clients. The ease and simplicity of our plan allow you to focus on what is important. 

Want to build your financial confidence?

At Black Star Wealth™, we created a financial confidence challenge to help you become more financially literate. We want to enhance your knowledge, belief, and independence regarding money. Next time, you're in the conversation, we want you to feel confident to share your insights and opinions. Click the button below to Unleash Your Money Power today.

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