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In a collaborative, back and forth process we use the information to inform and develop your One Number Solution™ for Business: the sales target that will make it all come together.

Do you know how much is enough to enhance your Business Wealth?

Do you know how much your business needs to make to live your ideal life and grow your wealth? This is a question that small to medium-sized business owners struggle with. But our One Number Solution™ for Business can supply the answer. Once you know how much money your life needs from the business, we dive into deep financial analysis. We analyze your product shelf, your cost of goods, your fixed overhead costs, your time allocation, and your taxes, etc. so that we can come up with a sales number that supports not only your business but your life. We strive to enhance your business wealth.

What is the One Number Solution™ for Business?

Black Star Wealth™ created a tool that gives our business owning or managing clients a single number that is unique to their organization and its business objectives.  It is One Number to focus on each day and week. The One Number Solution™ for business factors in all static expenses (salaries, benefits, fleet payments, lease holdings, subscriptions like MS360, accounting software, etc.) and things like upcoming capital investments or strategic opportunities to be leveraged to establish exactly what you can afford to spend.

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