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Solutions for Business Wealth - Blackstar Wealth

Solutions for Business Wealth

Do you know how much is enough?

Do you know how much your business needs to make so that you can fuel your ideal life? To grow your wealth?

These are questions that small to medium sized business owners struggle with — the One Number Solution™ for Business can supply the answer.

Once you know what your life needs from the business, we can get started. We will analyze your product shelf, your cost of goods, your fixed overhead costs, your time allocation and figure out taxes etc. so that we can come up with a sales number that supports the business and your wealthy life.

In a collaborative, back and forth process we use this information to inform and develop your One Number Solution™ for Business: the sales target that will make it all come together. 

One Number Solutions


The One Number Solution for Business

Black Star Wealth created a unique tool that gives our business owning or managing clients a single number that is unique to their organization and its business objectives - ONE NUMBER - to focus on each day and week.

The One Number Solution for business factors in all your static expenses (salaries, benefits,fleet payments, lease holdings, subscriptions like MS360, accounting software  etc.) and things like upcoming capital investments or strategic opportunities to be leveraged.to establish exactly what you can afford to spend.


This invention has allowed us to help business owning or managing clients reach their next financial level faster and easier by taking the daily stress and anxiety out of their relationship with money.


Why do so many business owners have such a tough time making a budget work?


Keeping money clear and on budget at home is a walk in the park compared to the complexity a business owner faces.

Any solution would need to help smart business owners focus on the right things for the appropriate amount of time when running their business. We realized do so would free those clients up to put more time and energy into what they’re best at - leading the business.


  • Simplify how to quickly analyze the health of the business day to day
  • Give business owners confidence and peace of mind
  • Accelerate the clients ability to reach their next financial level
  • Eliminate second guessing about the long-term
  • Be based in each businesses unique financial reality, no cookie cutters
  • Protect the clients business from the unforseen