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I want people to have the practical tools they need to lead high quality, authentic lives.

- Cheryl Richardson

Enter our Financial Confidence Challenge

Join us in our free confidence challenge. In 5-minute videos, you can learn the basics of finance and enhance your confidence in financial literacy. 

View our Estate Planning Series

Why should you care about estate planning? Watch our series to find out.

"Life doesn’t always accommodate our schedules.  Many times, this type of planning falls into the important but not urgent category." 

Get your copy of Burn Your Budget

Have you mastered the art of saving and spending? We created Burn Your Budget as your guide to help you live stress-free with money.

Get your copy of our Money Conversation Guide for Couples

Have you ever tried to have that money conversation with your partner? We created a couple's guide to help you address the topic.

Get our Purchase Your Home Guidelines

Want to know how much cash you need on hand to purchase your home? We created a tool that helps you plan out exactly what you need.

Get your KOHO card

Download your KOHO card as an alternative to cash. It is a prepaid visa that allows you to spend like cash and earn like credit.

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