One Number Solution™ to take control of your finances

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  • Simple: one focus, one number, to make saving and spending easy and practical.  
  • Get the holistic approach that considers your behaviours, aspirations and goals to plan for the future.
  • Discounted: Normally our One Number Solution™ costs $2000 but we are offering it to you at a steep discount of $500.

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Why the discount:

Training our new Advisor...

Over the past 15 years, we have helped hundreds of clients take control of their finances. We have seen the impact the One Number Solution™ can have for families and individuals. People have paid off their debt, saved for the future, and felt the gratification of living stress-free.

Recently, we hired a new associate advisor who is currently in training. Her name is Megan, a recent MBA graduate at Smith School of Business and former Olympic Athlete. Although she has spent an extensive amount of time learning the foundations of financial literacy, we want her to gain real, practical experience.

As part of gaining experience, we are offering our One Number Solution™ at a discount - in other words, helping her and you at the same time. When you sign up to participate in our discounted One Number Solution™, Megan will be the lead advisor, and I, Wendy, will be there every step of the way and participate in all of the meetings.

Wendy Brookhouse  //  Financial Advisor & Money Coach

Meet your lead advisor:

A win-win...

A couple weeks before the pandemic, I joined the Black Star Wealth™ team as an associate advisor. I joined Wendy in her client meetings where she worked with new graduates, young parents, working professionals, business owners and retirees - and not one persons circumstances have been identical.

What I've realized in my six months of working in this industry is that it is so important to customize our plans to the individual and their needs. Not to mention, I've acquired a broad range of knowledge because of all the unique circumstances of people we have worked with. 

Today, I am looking to expand my knowledge one-step further and gain real first-hand experience leading our strategic plans with you. It's a win-win, as you are giving me the opportunity to learn and lead (with the entire Black Star Wealth™ team behind me) and we are offering you our plan at a steep discount. 

Megan Lukan  //  Associate Advisor

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