October 22, 2021

In a recent interview with Aria Raphael, Self Actualization/ Manifestation Coach, we chatted about understanding authentic potential and how it correlates with owning your power.

In this post, we will talk about what is your super power, how to cultivate it and the executive level practices you can do to maximize and leverage those powers. 

Let’s face it, when most people hear the term manifestation coach they think of something spiritual, but it’s actually part of self actualization, when in fact, it doesn’t need to relate to being spiritual at all. Look at it in a practical way, and relate it to financial ability and chasing what you want in life through breakthroughs in emotional and mental situations. 

“When we are in our power and feel we can create what we want in life, then align it with what’s best for us, and fulfill it…that’s what it’s all about.” Often we are stuck and we limit ourselves in everything we do, especially in relationships and financial abilities. Self Actualization and Manifestation is all about finding and applying your super powers. 

Self Actualization: What it means to be in your sense of greatest self expression? 

Most of us want to live out our potential, experiencing purpose, and being centered by harnessing the power they have within. In order to live a truly full life, we need to feel comfortable and grounded. We cannot let society’s boundaries and ideas define us, our goals, and our potential. 

“A lot of the work I do in a One on One setting is part of the bigger manifestation picture, which is to provide healing, and undo that part of our consciousness that isn’t aligned with what we want.” says Aria. 

“Teaching people to work with their own light, and higher self, connects their mind, body, and soul to their field through integration and quantum healing. Reading someone’s potential and asking the question, “What do you want to achieve here”, so they can show the authentic potential of the satiation of the individual. 

This is what owning your sense of greatest self expression looks like. Potential to reach the top shelf. To be open to new possibilities and own your power means financial growth, relationship growth, new skills growth, etc.

Beware, this will take lots of practice! You can’t just pick up an instrument and start playing. You need time to learn how to tune it, where to place your fingers, how to adjust your amberchure 

Learn To Master Your Instrument

Self actualization looks different for all of us. 

We each came to this planet with different philosophies. We are all here for something. What that something is, resounds differently for everyone.  That is your superpower.

Healing experiences cannot happen if you are resistant to mastering your instrument to taking our super power to the limits.   We can do this by serving others by practicing.  We may not be perfect at it, but with some fine tuning we start to feel better. If we cannot manifest self-realization, we will continue to limit the possibilities and say no to opportunities that will help us feel a true sense of fulfillment. 

But How Do We Get There? 

Some people are set up easily to have that realization, others, it’s going to take a lot of effort, work, and healing to remove what’s limiting them and to find their life calling, their power. 

Having conversations just like this, brings us to a new space of awareness, and gives us the ability to recognize that what we have created is amazing but it doesn’t speak to the wholeness of our potential. 

Expert Coaching & Collective Conversation

What’s awesome about bringing in a coach is that it enables collective conversation that provides information that’s bigger and broader, than the conversations we are having in our head, leading us to learn as participants that wouldn’t typically get there if we were trying to facilitate it by ourselves.

Organizationally it starts with the leaders and that trickles down to the group. Creating a group that participates in manifesting collective goals, allows individuals to reflect outwardly about how they want culture to feel like and gives them a space to voice their ideas and opinions. This safe space of expression is critical for workplace environments that want to thrive.

It is during these group settings where we can identify that something is missing, and suddenly there is more cohesion because there’s a collaborative feeling of, “oh, we’re in this together”, and “we are creating something positive and powerful together”. 

Perhaps deepest of all work manifestations that can be had is when your team is asking, “What do we want to manifest here, and how are we going to manifest this together?

Opening up this dialog gives a sense of ownership to everyone and allows them the opportunity to feel like they have a say in what kind of client interaction, co-working & personal interactions they get to have, and enables us to be intentional with what our overall 

The Real Bottom Line→ We all have dynamic gifts. We need to master our instruments through collective conversation and embrace healing in order to find our true callings at home, at work & at play.

How Do You Own Your Power And Keep Yourself Open To New Opportunities When Your Passion Tank Is Empty?

Most leaders feel the ebb and flow of emotion.

Monthly cycles, duties you hate, unexpected failures, and persistent problems drain you from passion and leave your emotional power-tank empty. Nagging stress pulls you down like an anchor!

Heads up–>Apart from intervention, leaders end up defeated and out of gas, left running solely on a constant “E” for empty.

How can you care for others when you refuse to care for yourself?

You Own Your Power & Refill Your Passion Tank!

Start with these Executive Level Practices: 

  • Create Predictability: Develop processes and procedures that free your mind and enable you to focus on achievement instead of tasks that focus on defeat.
  • Tell someone that your Passion Tank is running low. Sharing your frustrations and disappointments opens you up for discussions that can help re-fuel you and help you push out of the “Negativity Mindset.”
  • Leverage rituals and create energizing sameness that become a reliable part of your day.
  • GET SOME REST→ This one sounds simple, but it is the easiest practice to avoid. With rest comes great clarity.
  • Do the dirty deeds you’ve been procrastination and draining yourself over. Are you someone that dreads the hated tasks so much that you would rather feel horrible then simply check them off of your To-Do list?
  • Eat well. Keeping a low carb diet and fueling up with some protein can actually help your emotional well-being and you will have more energy for the work ahead, so you can nibble on your passion projects in your free time.
  • Give yourself something to look forward to everyday. If you are a reader, find a good book, if you are a hiker, go for a long walk.

It’s dangerous to constantly give-out and not take-in.

High-Level Action to Take Right Now:

Do a quick inventory of the things you are doing that restore your emotional well-being? If you are not at your best, you will not be open to new opportunities and will continue to run dry and eventually get stuck on empty!

Are You Ready To Own Your Unique Gifts & Master Your Conversations

Each one of us carries within us certain qualities and attributes that contribute to society. You can and should  look for ways you can identify your special gifts and build them into your life.

But what if you can’t find them?


When trying to figure out how to find your gifts, you need to do a lot of soul searching. 

Take a close look at your values, what makes you feel energized and how you best interact with others. 

  • What do you gravitate toward when no one else is looking? You can also look back to your past: 
  • What did you love spending your time doing as a child? 
  • Did you spend hours in your bedroom with coloring books or playdough or were you constantly trying to organize the neighborhood kids into football teams? 

If you’re still finding trouble developing an answer, ask those closest to you. Friends and family members can often be a great resource in this area as they bring a different perspective to the question. They may see gifts in you that you didn’t even realize you had. 

And..if you’re still stuck, it is time to identify which natural gifts you bring to your business.


Once you discover how to find your gifts, don’t just let them fade away, apply them into your professional life. Just as an individual with a cooperative working style would be unhappy in a job where they were frequently isolated, a person with the gift of being an artist would not thrive if they were tasked with managing a team. Artists tend to work best independently or in small groups, while managers enjoy organizing large teams. As for entrepreneurs, they only feel alive when they are using their hunger and drive to build a company that has financial value. You can have an enormous impact on an organization regardless of your specific gift – you must know how to find your gift and then build your career around it.


Once you know if you’re a pianist, a librarian or an entrepreneur, you can build a team around your skills and talents. You can also ask your employees the question, “What is your gift?” so they can thrive in your organization. 

  • Identify whether you have the right people in the right places based on their gifts and abilities to understand others, envision outcomes, inspire each other and understand themselves. As Tony Robbins often says, “The secret to living is giving,” and when you equip your employees with the tools they need to find their gifts, you are truly building a unique business.


When we work in or run a business that does not tap into our true gifts, we go into survival mode. 


We don’t love what we do, we don’t feel a deep connection to our team and we don’t feel like we’re having a real impact on the world. It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving in your career. Once you have answered the question, “How do I know what my gifts are?”, you can start utilizing it in every aspect of your business. Using your values and gifts as a baseline, you can turn uncertainty into action, focus on a meaningful vision and truly create the life and business you’ve always dreamed of.

Learning how to find your gift start being open to opportunity and you can’t do that without getting back in touch with Y.O.U.

Link to Aria Raphael: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aria-raphael-932b527/

Listen to podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7tQcbnhfB7SsoRxCQEQFYa

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