Working together is hard enough, but working with your spouse? That can be an even greater challenge. But the rewards of successfully mixing love and business are immeasurable. In this blog post, we’ll talk about one tool that made a huge difference in our business relationship—it’s called a profile assessment.  Keep reading to learn more! 

What Is a Profile Assessment? 

A profile assessment is a tool used by various businesses and entrepreneurs to gain insight into how they think and process information. It can help you understand yourself better and then how to understand your partner better as well. Some of the assessment tools that are in the market include The Kolbe, Strengths Finder, DISC, and The Profile PXT.  There are many of these that are available and different Leadership and training consultants may use different ones.  A typical assessment uses a series of questions to determine your core personality traits and then gives you feedback about how these traits can be used in different situations.   For example, if you're particularly analytical, it might recommend using data-driven decision-making when making important business decisions. 

How We Used Our Profile Assessment Results

We haven taken a number of these assessments – primarily the Kolbe and the PXT.  Kelsey and I took our profile assessments and then got some coaching on how to interpret the results. This gave us an understanding of how our personalities interacted and impacted our communication.   Example:  Wendy – when Kelsey nods his head, he gets what you are saying and you need to move on.  Kelsey – when Wendy she needs to think about it, she does.  Armed with this newfound knowledge, we began implementing small changes in our conversations which helped us reach better outcomes in both our business dealings and personal lives. 

We also learned that sometimes we need to take time apart or do things separately so that we don't become too reliant on each other for getting things done (which can actually lead to decreased productivity). 

The benefits of mixing love & business has its rewards as well as its challenges, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives!  When you work together as a team, you get twice the amount of work done in half the time since you already have an established understanding of each other's skillsets and strengths.  Finally, having someone who understands what it takes to succeed allows for more open communication between partners which encourages collaboration rather than competition within the organization.

In Closing:

Working with your spouse isn’t always easy but it can be rewarding if done right! A profile assessment is a tool that made a huge difference in our relationship—and it is something to consider to work even better with your spouse.  

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