You know we LOVE the cash-only lifestyle


We recommend using a loadable visa, rather than a credit or debit

*Use: ONENUMBER as your referral code


• Lock your card anytime in app

• Friendly support at your fingertips

• A federally regulated and CDIC insured bank holds your funds

• A separate Virtual Card for your online shopping

No Fees

• $0 Monthly account fees

• $0 NSF fees

• $0 e-Transfer fees

• $0 Interest Charges


• Share finances easily

• Shared tracking

• Instant notifications when you and your partner spend

How It Works

KoHO: for your ONE NUMBER SOLution

It is a prepaid Visa which runs on the Visa network. Your card acts just as a normal credit card and is utilized for transactions with merchants. However, for you it acts just like a debit card with cash back.

With the app, you can see how you’re spending your money at a glance.

To load the card with your ONE NUMBER: add funds to your KOHO account through e-transfers from your regular bank account. Then, use your KOHO card either in person or online, and make purchases just like you would with debit or credit. You can use your KOHO app to look at your spending and stay on track while still staying safe. 

*Use: ONENUMBER as your referral code

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