Harness Transition

Next Steps & Onboarding 

Step 1 : Complete Account Opening & Risk Questionnaire

We will pre-fill your information and then initiate the onboarding process, which will send out the first email with a link to complete your onboarding survey and risk tolerance questionnaire. We will be starting the onboarding process on DATE, so you can expect to receive the first email from Harness within a week of that date.

After receiving the first email, please follow the instructions to complete the following steps:

  1. Set up your Harness client portal login access. 

  2. Complete your Client Information Survey

  1. Complete the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

  1. Step 1 is done! 

Step 2: Sign YourOnboarding Package

A DocuSign email will be sent out 48-72 hours after completing Step 1. This will include your account opening paperwork, banking forms, transfer forms, and investment management agreement. This step is time sensitive, so please review and sign the documents as soon as possible! Harness will then get to work opening your accounts and initiating the transfers from your current accounts.

Step 3: Sign Investment Policy Statement

48-72 hours after your accounts have been opened, you’ll receive the Investment Policy Statement via email – please review and sign the IPS at your earliest convenience.

Step 4: d1g1t Email Invitation for the Client Portal

Next, you’ll be receiving an email with a link to sign up for the client portal. This is where you’ll go to view your account information and documents, so make sure you save your login information in a safe place!  

Who is Harness?

Harness is a modern portfolio management firm providing investors access to institutional-level investment management. They understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique, so rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, they will focus on providing you with a personalized investment plan that will integrate seamlessly with your financial plan. 

To learn more about their unique approach, click here! 

What does Harness offer?

At Harness, you’ll have access to:

  • A team of experienced investment counsellors to address your investment needs and answer your questions directly.  

  • Professionally built investment portfolios managed by a leading institutional asset manager. 

  • Digital onboarding to make working with Harness easy, and an online portal to view your investment accounts. 

Suzi Park

Suzi Park, Associate Portfolio Manager at Harness, will be our main contact. We feel she’s a great fit, and with her accessibility and client focused approach, we know you’ll be in great hands! 

Having spent her career working with high-net worth individuals and families, Suzi has built her practice by focusing on exceptional client service and building trust with her clients.  Prior to joining Harness Investment Management, she specialized in alternative investments, developing and implementing customized portfolios to each client's unique circumstances.

Suzi graduated with a Bachelor of Performance (violin) from McGill University and is a CFA level 3 candidate. When she is not working, she enjoys golfing with her husband and exploring hidden trails across BC’s mountains.

How does Black Star Wealth and Harness work together?

Harness partners with financial advisors across Canada, providing access to leading investment solutions and discretionary investment services. Harness will manage your investments and handle everything on that side, while we’ll continue to work with you on your overall financial plan. We will work closely with you and Harness to make sure you reach all your financial goals! 

Harness and Blackstar

Online Access

Once the onboarding process is finished, your accounts are open, and your online access has been activated, you will be able to access your information digitally. 

You can view your accounts online through the below links: 

Harness Investors Portal

Link: har.investor-portal.ca/login | This portal is to complete your account opening documentation when onboarding or to maintain your information thereafter.


Link: https://harness.investor.d1g1t.com | This portal is to review your account details, and investment performance, and view account documents )(statements, tax documents, etc.)

The Investments

Harness has access to a wide range of portfolios, including those managed in house or sub-advised by 3rd-Party Investment Managers. They partner with leading investment managers to deliver best-in-class investment solutions to clients. They seek out broad experience and proven expertise with an investment philosophy that aligns with theirs. These partnerships enable Harness to better meet the needs of our clients and are reviewed as part of their regular reviews of the investment success of our clients.

Harness has grouped their portfolios into three distinct categories: Core Pools, Core Models, and Custom Models. They have included a model series in its respective category based primarily by the number of securities in the model portfolio.

For detailed information on Harness’ portfolios, click here!


What does this mean for my investments?

For those currently in Optimize products, they will be re-invested into Harness portfolios based on your Risk Tolerance.

For those not in Optimize products, they will be moved in-kind and will stay in the same products.

Will this move cost me money?

 Any account closing fees will be reimbursed – just send in the statements showing the costs once you receive them.

Will I see a change in fees?

Currently, with Optimize products, your total fees are in the 2.2% range. This included a 1.0% fee paid to Black Star and the remainder to Optimize. Some of this was embedded in the fund and came off the returns.

With Harness, the fees will be reduced. Depending on the option chosen, fees will be as low as 1.35%, reducing your total fees by a possible 0.85%.


If I don’t want to move my investments to Harness… what are my options?

Just let us know and we will work with Optimize to find you an advisor that fits your needs. No hard feelings!

Will this change anything about our relationship with Black Star?

Not at all! This change is really about ensuring that you are receiving the very best investment selection options at the best price possible.

I like to stay in the know and keep an eye on my investments myself, what does the online portal situation look like?

The online portal experience is going to be a vast improvement, as you will now be able to see your information in an easy to understand, graphical way. We think you’re going to love it!

The only downfall is that you will have two logins in the beginning. We hope this is temporary though, as work is currently in progress to move to a single login set-up.

Is it secure?

Your investments will be held at Harness’ custodian, Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC). FCC is a CIPF member-firm and is regulated by IIROC. Harness protects your data with bank-level encryption and security standards.


If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please let us know and we’d be happy to discuss! You can book a phone call by clicking here, or click here if you’d prefer to meet via Zoom.