Justin Breen was an entrepreneur trapped in a job until 5 years ago. A journalist by trade, he started BREpic as his salaried work was going away.

I love hearing about people’s journeys to Entrepreneurship – they are all so different and inspiring in different ways – and Justin’s is one of perseverance. His conversion rate was pretty low at the beginning – 1 in 1000. To get his first 5 clients he talked to 5000. I think most of us would have called it way before that!

Join us to hear that story and our discussions around:

  • The importance of family and why his always comes first
  • How he decides who to work with
  • Where the future of public relations is
  • Pricing of services
  • The difference between Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Why getting into small rooms is important on a number of levels

It’s another great episode

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