Fearless Fridays                    

We think that running your own business requires a lot (and we mean a lot) of courage. We wanted to highlight some of the entrepreneurs we know doing great work.

Our Courageous Entrepreneurs

Stephanie Purcell

Pivot, Adjust, Innovate, Lead.

That is what Stephanie Purcell of Vox Management Agency has done during 2020.  In addition to managing speakers and entertainers  like Tareq Hadhad and The Mellotones, she also produces shows. Her next production brings us Live Entertainment in a social distanced manner. Featuring the funny, the relevant, the irreverent Steve Patterson.  You may know him from such places as The Debaters on CBC.

So, if you are ready to go to a Live event featuring: Fabulous Guests, Great Music, All in a socially distanced manner grab your ticket now!


Did I mention it was live?  You know, where you get to see real people, not on a screen?

Christina Forgeron

As a teacher and administrator with over twenty-five years of domestic and international experience, Christina is thrilled to announce the launch of “Bolster”, an online, international (but Halifax-based) business created on the fringes of being locked down and learning with our children.  Bolster is a unique company that helps families with education, though not through tutoring. They believe that the solutions to school anxiety exist already within the home and they want to help you to find them.  


Bolster works with all parents to establish what they feel peaceful education should look like in their home (either while homeschooling or doing homework). They help you to discover the possible obstacles to your vision and to create a plan that targets these obstacles, using your strengths and acquired knowledge.   

They also work with children between the ages of 8-14 to develop their identity as an empowered student with the ability to make meaningful changes to their academic habits and success.   In working with your child, they model and teach goal-setting, time management and prioritizing strategies to foster this empowered view.  

For more information, use the button to go to the website:

Denika Coakley

Meet Denika! Mother of Two. Self-Starter Carpenter. Entrepreneur. 


Denika is an inspiring entrepreneur, who started her career with her first flipped home, documenting her projects and showcasing and documenting her DIY budget-friendly home projects, and just recently flipped her first home. Whether it be a closet in your room, a dock on the water, or a renovated bathroom - Denika has done it all. 


To learn more about Denika and the projects she has pursued, follow her on YouTube channel and Instagram "DC Woodworks".

D'Arcy Stonehouse & Erin Balodis

From Brickyard Health

Brickyard Health is a multidisciplinary health clinic offering Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Counseling, Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition. We focus on helping patients achieve optimal health using an approach that considers all facets of wellbeing. We strive to reach the root cause of illness or health concern. We help people feel their best by eliminating pain and improving overall function.


Our client base ranges from children to older adults. We have a special interest in women’s health and pre/post natal care. Our ideal client is motivated to put effort into their own health, by taking a multi-pronged approach, working on all aspects of their wellbeing. 


We are a small business of diverse practitioners that rely heavily on each other's expertise to make sure each patient gets exactly what they need. Our space is inclusive, supportive and full of laughter. We love being a part of our local community and proud to call Halifax our home!   

Kristy Andreadakis

Kristy and her team literally take the "STING" out of marketing your small business online. In an already congested digital highway, you don’t want your social media content to get stuck behind a BIG YELLOW BUS! Kristy wants it to stand out like a bright Red Lamborghini. Your Brand Needs To Create A Social Buzz. Kristy is fearless at helping small business owners create social noise that  Activates. Engages. & Grows. your presence. No more being a wallflower. :O) 

Freebie: 40 Font Pairings To Design Your Perfect Brand.

Julie Beun

Julie Beun is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. When I first met Julie, she was finishing up a long term gig in communications, and I was immediately drawn to her wonderful energy. She is a writer extraordinaire, a wonderful story teller and has a book coming out next year. But that is just one facet of who she is - when COVID arrived, she quickly assessed what was needed and pivoted to making and selling face masks. Stylish, comfortable and accessible online; she now employs others and has built quite a nice enterprise.

Melissa Lloyd

Who knew that doodling could be a business, or that there is a lot of science behind how good it is for you...Meet Melissa, the owner of Doodle Lovely. She understands how important it is to take time to relax, so she's giving a FREE stress less activity from Doodle Lovely. Grab your favorite mark-making tool and start doodling today. Make sure you also check out her website and all her tools to help you with your doodling.

Neil Stephen

Meet Neil Stephen owner of This is Marketing.  We love how Neil has helped us build our One Number Solution™ and allows us to punch above our weight.

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