Let’s talk about expectations, age, hustle, grind, and what are the numbers that we really need to know. 

I want to talk a bit about the fact I went to see Sting in concert, he was so full of life and vibrant, he delivered an amazing performance. He was a master, and he held the audience in the palm of his hands. And yet, he was so chill, he was just so zen-like he was living his best life. 

Now, if we were to dig into the numbers around Sting we will find the following, 

  • He is 70 years old.
  • He has a net worth of $550 million. 
  • He has sold over 100 million records during his time as a solo artist. 
  • He has six kids, numerous graduate kids, two wives a whole bunch of properties. 

So why is he still performing? 

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