In this episode, you’ll learn how to choose which projects to execute on and the role of project management in getting them done.

Discussed in this episode:

The challenge is that we have many more ideas than we can ever get done

The hard part is to decide and curate which are the best for us

One screen or filter we can use is our values to see which projects match most or all of our values

Another tool is to create an x,y chart and plot the projects against resources needed and expected return

Resources can be time, investment, difficulty, 

Recognize that you may be the bottleneck and allocate your time where it makes the most sense

Return can be money, reputation, or other outcomes you want to achieve

Projects need clear outcomes, high-level strategy, and do-able tactics

Plot work on a GANTT with who is responsible and dates required

Sometimes it help to work backwards from when you want to project completed

Work on one project at a time and defer the rest to later

Put important dates and your work in your calendar so you allocate the time for it

Set aside time to evaluate every project 

Values Exercise to help you discover your values




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