June 12, 2023

In this thought-provoking episode of "The Real Bottom Line", we delve deep into the critical role of a CEO and how transitioning into this role can help you amass wealth. Our discussion begins by defining wealth not just in terms of money but also time, freedom, and resources.

We illuminate how your growing business becomes your primary asset and how its increasing value directly impacts your wealth. Drawing references from Michael Gerber's book "The E-Myth", we explore the different hats a business owner wears and emphasize the significance of the "entrepreneur hat", akin to the CEO hat.

This episode further contrasts the roles of a "Rainmaker" and an "Architect", and argues the limitations of being solely a rainmaker for your business. We share insightful questions to help you identify where you stand on the spectrum of Rainmaker to Architect and offer actionable tips on transitioning towards being an Architect for increased business value.

By providing tangible steps such as documenting your sales processes, simplifying your service offerings, and involving a team member in your sales meetings, we guide you to transition from the limiting role of a technician and facilitate business growth.

Join us to learn how shifting your role can lead to wealth creation and remember, the real bottom line is the more you step into your CEO role, the wealthier you become. Email us at wendy@blackstarwealth.com to continue the conversation.

September 21st

Learn How To Double Your Prices In 20 Minutes

Buying the right products, having the right product to sell and the right strategy to market it – these are all important for your success, of course. However, come to this workshop and find out there is so much more to financial success for you. What Monica teaches is not “woo woo” either; it’s based in science.

Wendy Brookhouse

Wendy Brookhouse


Wendy has been getting people to their financial goals faster and easier than before for over a decade. She has known what it’s like to control cash flow from childhood, where her first job was raking blueberries for ten cents a pound.