Building a business over 35 years and then recognizing a niche and then going for it – that is Larry Keating story.

In this episode, we talk about 

  • How to stay excited about business
  • Recognizing opportunities
  • The importance of getting out of your comfort zone
  • Hiring to keep people at least 2 years
  • The importance of recognizing teachable versus non-teachable
  • Personal blocks vs. World blocks
  • We also got into the subject of confidence and over presenting.  I really enjoyed this conversation.
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About Wendy Brookhouse 

For more than a decade, Wendy has helped people get to their financial goals faster and easier. Since earning her first ten cents, and leveraging every penny (back when there were pennies) she realized how to make the most of it.

Her dime-savvy mentality has been put to great use as the founder of Black Star Wealth™, as she's learned how to build a business from the ground up while simultaneously creating powerful financial tools such as the One Number Solution™ and One Number Solution for Business™.