2 years and 13 days later, we are at Episode 100 of The Real Bottom Line. Along with co-host Donna Alteen, we are featuring clips from 12 previous guests:

  • Ross Simmons
  • Anthea Mumby
  • Katelyn Bourgoin
  • Diana Lidstone
  • Shelagh Cummins
  • Laural Carr
  • Cynthia Mason
  • John Swain
  • Michael Devenney
  • Monique Bryan
  • Teresa Easler
  • Paul Fitzgerald

The lessons from the past 100 episodes are almost too many to list – and were certainly super hard to narrow down! The big takeaway I had after reviewing a few hundred pages of transcripts is that as business owners we know more than we realize. It has been an absolute privilege to highlight the ones on this episode and the others along the way!

I truly appreciate all my guests – they have freely shared their stories and provided some amazing lessons – who have helped me learn and hopefully the audience as well.

In this episode, we have built the clips around

  • Operations
  • Marketing/Branding
  • The Inside Game – mindset.

Donna and I provide some great commentary along the way! It’s a little longer than normal, but well worth the time!

And check out the gifts from the featured guests at https://www.blackstarwealth.com/100

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