Money Conversation Guide for Couples

1 in 3 of those who argue with their spouse about money have hidden a major purchase from their partner.

Money conversations cause a lot of turmoil in relationships. Beyond infidelity, money is the leading cause of divorce. Why then don't we prioritize this conversation? Wouldn't it be nice if we had a guideline to help us start the conversation?

Money Conversation Guide for Couples

A 5-step tool to help you begin the money conversation with your partner. If you have already started this conversation, this guide will help you dive deeper and come together with your partner.

  • Know thyself: If you’re single or early into a relationship, this is a golden opportunity to figure out what’s important to you, what you want, what will make you happy, and what will make you miserable or stressed.
  • Go backward to go forward: Conversations about money should be safe, compassionate, and judgment-free. The easiest way to start those conversations is to talk about your past because most of your money stories will have been picked up when you were a kid.
  • Shared goals and values: Often we find couples on opposite extremes, but it doesn't mean they are incompatible. It just means they need to be clear with each other about what they want, what they value, where they differ, and when it's okay to agree to disagree. 
  • The full money monty: An exercise in transparency, understanding, and future-planning. It's time to get naked with your finances. Compiling a net worth, sharing it with your partner, and deciding where you go from here. There's no right or wrong to this - it's learning to move forward.

"It helped facilitate the conversation with my partner. Now I know where we are and where we are going. We have a vision - together."

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You don't have to be in a relationship to use this tool. You can use it for yourself and determine what is important. When you're ready to have this conversation with the person you choose to spend your life, you will already have an understanding of what you want and what works for you.

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Money Conversation Guide for Couples

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