How We Support Our Communities

Making a Positive Difference to Support Our Community.

We believe the power of the individuals is built on the support of others. See how we support our communities with these amazing organizations to make a positive impact.

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about

- Margaret J. Wheatley


QueenPins was started in Spring 2016 by a group of women from Halifax with the mission to raise funds for a local cause while networking with other powerful women.  

We support QueenPins because we believe in uplifting women. As a female led company, we know the trials and tribulations of conducting business in a male-dominated industry, by supporting QueenPins, we believe we can empower women in business.

Learn more about QueenPins and all their fun events and join us in uplifting other women.

Junior Achievement 

Junior Achievement is passionately committed to inspiring students and preparing them to succeed in the global economy.

We support Junior Achievement because of their efforts in teaching kids about money and preparing them for their careers. We believe it is never too early to start understanding money and personal finances. 

We have and we will continue to support Junior Achievement because we believe in their organization and their mission. Join us in supporting an organization that is thinking about the next generation and beyond.

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