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I want people to have the practical tools they need to lead high quality, authentic lives.

- Cheryl Richardson

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Whether you have questions, want to share new updates, or simply just want to catch up, feel free to book in with Wendy. Follow these links for a 30-minute conversation or 60-minute conversation.

We are always happy to help and ensure your confidence in our systems.

Money Conversation Guide for Couples

The Money Conversation guide for couples is a document that provides tools to help you begin the money conversation with your partner. If you have started the conversation, this guide helps you dive deeper and reveals some profound insights.

Burn Your Budget: How to Spend Your Way to Financial Freedom

What I cover in this book isn't being taught in schools. You are taught a lot of things in school, but practical things like how to align your spending with your goals, how credit works and how to distinguish between the price and the cost of something, aren't among those lessons. Burn Your Budget is a short interview-style approach, highlighting some of the frequently asked questions about the One Number Solution™.


The masterlist is a document that highlights important information to have organized in case of emergencies. We have compiled a full list including birth certificates, licenses, lists of assets and debts, etc.

Purchase A Home Guidelines

Want to know how much cash you need on hand to purchase your home? Want to get an estimate of what your monthly payments might be? We created a tool that helps you plan out exactly what you need.

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