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Next Cohort Begins September 15th

What Is It?

The Business Value Amplifier is a 10 week program that will transform the trajectory of your business, provide the building blocks for increased freedom of time for you as the business owner and maximize your value multiplier.

By teaching you the levers to increase your business value, providing insightful exercises that are super practical and developing a community of resources, the Business Value Amplifier is the game changer you are looking for.

By taking your approach beyond “increase profit”, you will go from unsure how to make your business more valuable to a savvy operator who is deliberately and methodically pulling the levers of value building.

How To Know This Is You For?

If you are thinking of selling your business in the next 10 years and want the best possible price…
If you want to obtain financing or investors more easily…
If you want a business that doesn’t rely on you all the time….
If you biggest asset is your business and you want to increase its value…

If you said yes to any of these, then the Business Value Amplifier may be for you.

What Can You Expect?

The Business Value Amplifier will allow you to take control and be deliberate about building the value of your business – because whether you are planning to sell or not- these activities will make your business more vibrant, more predictable and more lucrative.

This program is for Entrepreneurs who


Are thinking of selling in the next 10 years

Are willing to invest the time and resources to build a stronger more viable base



want to understand what buyers are looking at

want to increase their network of like-minded business owners

This is not for Entrepreneurs

Who think just sell more is the answer

Who are micromanagers who don’t want/won’t delegate

Who are unwilling to do the prep work and participate

Who don’t want to invest in their future

What's Involved


Kick Off Meeting

Prior to the group training, your first individual private call will review your current business value, setting the base mark from which you will be growing from. Onboarding to the Value Builder portal.


Group Training

8 weeks of group training. Pre-work of topic specific videos and exercises will be required before each session.


Wrap Up Meeting

The second private one on one call which will review two more levers and conclude the training.

Also Included

  • One year access to the training portal, additional activities and tracking that can be done
  • An estimate of your current business value
  • One year membership in the Elite Growth Community
  • Access to a network of professionals
8 Drivers

Our next cohort starts Sept 15.

Week 1

We Schedule Your 1:1 Kickoff | Session One: Personalized Goal-Setting and Introduction Embark on a transformative journey with this one-on-one session, where you'll receive a thorough review of your current performance score. Together, we'll set ambitious goals for the program, explore the interactive online portal, and discuss participant expectations to ensure you get the most out of this experience.

Week 2

Live Session  | Session Two: Mastering the Art of Scaling Discover the key to sustainable growth in this mastermind session. Learn the significance of scaling your business, the various methods for scaling, and participate in an engaging exercise to analyze and prioritize your product or service offerings.

Week 3

Live Session  | Session Three: Maximizing Business Valuation This mastermind session will guide you in understanding how potential acquirers value businesses, the importance of predictability, and the concept of Net Promoter Score. Put your newfound knowledge to the test by determining your own Net Promoter Score.

Week 4

Live Session  | Session Four: Strategic Growth Planning Dive into the world of valuing and maximizing growth with the Ansoff Scale and the Growth Quadrant. Explore the pros and cons of targeting existing versus new clients, and expanding through new products/services versus new geographies.

Week 5

Live Session  | Session Five: Unlocking the Power of Recurring Revenue Discover the myriad benefits of recurring revenue, the six transaction types, the nine recurring revenue models, and the importance of lifetime value and customer acquisition costs. This session will empower you to create a sustainable revenue stream for your business.

Week 6

Live Session  | Session Six: Building a Competitive Moat Delve into the concept of a competitive moat and how to establish it. Learn about differentiating market strategies and participate in an exercise to analyze your offerings, ensuring your business stands out from the competition.

Week 7

Live Session  | Session Seven: Evolving from Founder to Leader Learn the importance of avoiding the hub-and-spoke management trap and identify the most valuable founder activities. This session will cover the Rainmaker trap, ways to avoid it, and teach you how to build a delegation framework with four types of delegation.

Week 8

Live Session  | Session Eight: Retaining Key Employees and Reducing Dependencies Explore key employee retention strategies and the dangers of over-reliance on any employee, customer, or supplier. Understand how these dependencies can impact your business's value and learn how to mitigate these risks.

Week 9

Live Session  | Session Nine: Enhancing Cash Flow and Valuation Discover why cash flow matters to valuation, and uncover strategies and methods to increase it. Learn about the two cheques buyers write, and how improving cash flow can ultimately boost the value of your business.

Week 10

Final 1:1 Sessions | Session Ten: One-on-One Action Plan and Assessment Review In this personalized session, review and prioritize action items based on score impact. Together, we'll assess your Freedom Score and PreScore assessments, and determine the next steps to ensure continued success and growth for your business.

See What Other Business Owners Have to Say About the Program

David Harris

Can't say enough about this program. Great mix of common sense ideas that everyone should know, but no one seemed to ... along with some "out of the box" ideas that have really impacted my business. Worth every penny that you will spend on this course. So far this year, my sales are up almost 100% compared to last year, due to some simple but powerful changes made to my business model.

David Harris

Protection Dog Sales

Ross Tudor

The Value Builder Program was incredibly valuable for my business. It forced me to evaluate aspects of my company that I had previously taken for granted, and I left the program with a much clearer idea of my company's worth; most importantly, I'm now equipped with very tangible ways to improve it. I would and have recommended this program to every business owner I know.

Ross Tudor

Hot Corner Digital

Ken Williams

The Value Builder program provided 3 things for me: accountability, support, and diversity. While all 3 of these areas proved valuable, I really enjoyed the professional diversity of the group! It revealed common threads of which I was not aware,  and expanded my vision as an entrepreneur.  Great alternative to a year-long program!

Ken Williams

Unfold The Soul

100% Zero Risk Guarantee

We are 100% confident you will receive more value in our program than your investment, that if after the first 1:1 session you feel this program is not for you, you can simply ask for a complete 100% refund...no questions asked!

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Wendy Brookhouse – Certified Value Builder, Executive MBA, Certified Financial Planner.

Wendy brings a unique background of education, lived experience and exposure to hundreds of business owners and their challenges. She has been building financial plans for business owners for over 16 years creating systematic wealth. As a business owner who has successfully exited and grown businesses she has also created business plans, strategic plans and marketing plans for business owners. 

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