Business Value Amplifier

Unlock the True Value of Your Business:
A Transformative Journey

Have you ever felt the weight of your business holding you down?

Or wondered if there's more untapped potential within its walls, waiting to be discovered? 

The key to unlocking that treasure

Understanding the intrinsic value of your business and having a clear map to amplify it.

Join me on a life-changing 8-week journey, where dreams meet action, and where potential translates into tangible growth.

Next Cohort Begins April 29th


The Promise

By the end of this course, not only will you have a clearer vision of your business's worth, but you'll possess the blueprint to elevate its value beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s what the journey entails

  • Begin with Clarity: Kickstart your transformative journey with an incisive assessment of your business's current value. Understand your standing on the 8 pivotal drivers of value. Witness, with your own eyes, the mountain of potential that can be reached as you escalate your score.
  • A Deep Dive into the Essence of Value: Over 8 insightful weeks, immerse yourself in each value driver. With meticulously curated tutorials and thought-provoking exercises, this isn’t just about knowledge. It's about application. You'll not only learn but also put into practice the lessons that will sculpt the future of your business.
  • Collective Growth: As you navigate this journey, remember, you're not alone. Engage in enriching group discussions, where diverse perspectives come together, catalyzing collective growth and forging connections that transcend the course.
  • The Grand Finale - Your Roadmap to Brilliance: In our concluding module, it's all about synthesis. Bringing together all your discoveries, insights, and actions, I'll personally guide you in crafting a strategic action plan. This isn’t just any plan; it's one that prioritizes the most impactful steps tailored for your business, a compass pointing straight towards maximal value enhancement.
What you get inside
  • Business Valuation (Value $10,000)
  • 8 weeks of group coaching and accountability (Value $2,000)
  • Portal access - 12 months (Value $3,600)
  • Vision Builder Template (Value $1,000)
  • Two 1:1 sessiona with Wendy (Value $1,500)
  • Net Promoter Score System (Value $750)
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey (Value $750)
  • Growth Opportunity Analysis (Value $500)
  • Customized Recurring Revenue Model recommendation (Value $1,000)
  • Scenario Analysis (Value $1,000)
  • Cash Flow Acceleration Worksheet (Value $500)
  • Action Builder Tool (Value $1,000)
Over $23K In Combined Value

Take Back Your Time

This course isn’t just about adding numbers to your business's value. It’s about giving you back the time that you deserve and lighting up the path forward. With a solid plan in hand, watch as your business starts to work for you, rather than the other way round.

Why This Program?

Because your business is more than just a venture; it's a dream, a legacy. It's time to stop leaving its value to chance. Harness the power of knowledge, strategy, and collective wisdom, and pave the way for a future where your business doesn’t just thrive; it soars.


What they say

Shaun Whynacht

"I wish this existed 20 years ago in my business, because I've identified things here that I've been just spinning my wheels with for 10, 15 years that had I known this before, where would I be now?"

Shaun Whynacht - Blue Cow Marketing
Adam Rowe

"I love the back end of the course. I thought that was fantastic. The framework was great. Very easy to follow. Everything was broken out into very clear steps and everything just flowed."

Adam Rowe - SubC Control
Andre Brisson

"I would say that by the end of the first group call, my financial investment was paid off if not multiplied!"

Andre Brisson - Objective Engineering
Chad Collett

"This course should be mandatory for anyone who is trying to register their business, it's Entrepreneurship 101"

Chad Collett - SubC Control

This is not for Entrepreneurs who

think just sell more is the answer

are micromanagers who don’t want/won’t delegate

are unwilling to do the prep work and participate

don’t want to invest in their future

Also Included

  • One year access to the training portal, additional activities and tracking that can be done
  • An estimate of your current business value
  • Access to a network of professionals

Our next cohort start April 29th

Week 1

We Schedule Your 1:1 Kickoff | Session One: Personalized Goal-Setting and Introduction Embark on a transformative journey with this one-on-one session, where you'll receive a thorough review of your current performance score. Together, we'll set ambitious goals for the program, explore the interactive online portal, and discuss participant expectations to ensure you get the most out of this experience.

Week 2

Live Session  | Session Two: Mastering the Art of Scaling Discover the key to sustainable growth in this mastermind session. Learn the significance of scaling your business, the various methods for scaling, and participate in an engaging exercise to analyze and prioritize your product or service offerings.

Week 3

Live Session  | Session Three: Maximizing Business Valuation This mastermind session will guide you in understanding how potential acquirers value businesses, the importance of predictability, and the concept of Net Promoter Score. Put your newfound knowledge to the test by determining your own Net Promoter Score.

Week 4

Live Session  | Session Four: Strategic Growth Planning Dive into the world of valuing and maximizing growth with the Ansoff Scale and the Growth Quadrant. Explore the pros and cons of targeting existing versus new clients, and expanding through new products/services versus new geographies.

Week 5

Live Session  | Session Five: Unlocking the Power of Recurring Revenue Discover the myriad benefits of recurring revenue, the six transaction types, the nine recurring revenue models, and the importance of lifetime value and customer acquisition costs. This session will empower you to create a sustainable revenue stream for your business.

Week 6

Live Session  | Session Six: Building a Competitive Moat Delve into the concept of a competitive moat and how to establish it. Learn about differentiating market strategies and participate in an exercise to analyze your offerings, ensuring your business stands out from the competition.

Week 7

Live Session  | Session Seven: Evolving from Founder to Leader Learn the importance of avoiding the hub-and-spoke management trap and identify the most valuable founder activities. This session will cover the Rainmaker trap, ways to avoid it, and teach you how to build a delegation framework with four types of delegation.

Week 8

Live Session  | Session Eight: Retaining Key Employees and Reducing Dependencies Explore key employee retention strategies and the dangers of over-reliance on any employee, customer, or supplier. Understand how these dependencies can impact your business's value and learn how to mitigate these risks.

Week 9

Live Session  | Session Nine: Enhancing Cash Flow and Valuation Discover why cash flow matters to valuation, and uncover strategies and methods to increase it. Learn about the two cheques buyers write, and how improving cash flow can ultimately boost the value of your business.

Week 10

Final 1:1 Sessions | Session Ten: One-on-One Action Plan and Assessment Review In this personalized session, review and prioritize action items based on score impact. Together, we'll assess your Freedom Score and PreScore assessments, and determine the next steps to ensure continued success and growth for your business.

100% Zero Risk Guarantee

We are 100% confident you will receive more value in our program than your investment, that if after the first 1:1 session you feel this program is not for you, you can simply ask for a complete 100% refund...no questions asked!

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Your Leader

Wendy Brookhouse – Certified Value Builder, Executive MBA, Certified Financial Planner.

Wendy brings a unique background of education, lived experience and exposure to hundreds of business owners and their challenges. She has been building financial plans for business owners for over 16 years creating systematic wealth. As a business owner who has successfully exited and grown businesses she has also created business plans, strategic plans and marketing plans for business owners. 

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