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We help smart, ambitious people find, keep and grow their money to enhance their financial confidence.

Virtually, Anywhere

Have you ever received a "financial plan" and walked away not knowing how on earth you were going to make it happen? We invented tools that make your journey from one level to the next faster and easier. We craft plans that build your financial confidence that show you how to implement it

Who We Help

Couples & Families 

We have helped thousands of families reach their financial goals. We provide tools to make the process faster and easier.


You don't have to wait to plan for your future. Take control of your finances now, let us help you along the way.


Leading a business can be challenging. We aim to bring you tools that bring balance and clarity to your finances.

What We Do


Spending Plans

Whether you make and have tons of money or less than that, we make spending plans that give you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy your purchases and eliminate guilt and anxiety, knowing that your goals are being achieved in the background.



We focus diligently on matching our client’s timeframe and risk tolerance to their portfolios.


Retirement Planning

One of the biggest worries in retirement can be running out of money. We work hard to match plans and products so that we can reduce that risk.  


Estate Planning

Ready to start talking legacy? We have you covered. Whether it is about reducing estate taxes, making sure that your spendthrift child isn’t given too much too soon, we can help.  Want to help your favourite charity, we have several approaches to consider. 



Building a safety net is an important part of a holistic plan. Making sure you have enough for an emergency, getting sick, or being in an accident is integral to your financial health.

Wendy Brookhouse
Our Founder and Lead Advisor

Wendy founded Black Star Wealth™ in 2008. However, it was as a child that she began to understand the power of money and cash flow when she raked blueberries for 10 cents a pound. Today, she has helped thousands of families, couples, individuals and business persons in achieving their financial goals.

One Number Solution™
Our Secret To Financial Freedom

We've created a unique tool that gives you a single number to focus on to achieve your goals. This one number is your ticket on the express elevator to creating your wealthy life. The good news - you'll spend less time and energy thinking about your money while accumulating growth.

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