Inspired by

Black Lives Matter

why we are supporting women from the BIPOC community

Talk is cheap - or at least for today’s Black Lives Matter movement. 

It is not enough to say we understand. It is not enough to acknowledge the racism, systemic racism, and oppression in our Country without being accountable and taking action. We have listened. We’ve gone to workshops. We’ve realized there are things we didn’t fully understand, and there are things that we didn’t prioritize to acquire a deeper understanding. But now that we know - we want to do more.

Through the reflection of our clients, in particular women from the BIPOC community, we have seen the financial hardships and the systemic discrimination they have faced. We want to change that and support BIPOC women in taking control of their personal finances.

Offering our One Number Solution™ at a discount of 75%.

for ambitious, visionary, and talented business women

How does this program work? 

In order to implement our program, we are seeking mentors and mentees in which we can partner these amazing women based on their industry knowledge, skillset and goals for the future. To learn more about our program from a mentors or mentees perspective, click the buttons below:


What is the One Number Solution™?

A plan that simplifies the process to help you take control of your finances. Whether you're paying off debt, saving for a house, starting a business, growing your family - our One Number Solution™ is customized to your circumstances to make dealing with money stress-free.

  • Simple: one focus, one number, to make saving and spending easy and practical.  
  • Get the holistic approach that considers your behaviours, aspirations and goals to plan for the future.
  • Discounted: Normally our One Number Solution™ costs $2000 but we are offering it to you for $500. Payment plans available.

Our Impact

By supporting business women from the BIPOC community we believe we can make a significant impact. Our main goal is to support women in growing their business. However, we understand a byproduct of growing their business is the ability to scale and further support the economy in a larger way, for example hiring additional employees.

Helping others is uplifting the economy. 

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