Balance. Innovation. Growth.

These core values serve as the foundation for our holistic suite of products and services, designed to create powerful and meaningful results in your financial growth. Our enlightened and unique approach to building personal wealth, strategic business success and employee-centered benefit solutions means that we are positioned as an essential partner in our clients’ growth and success.
Black Star Group was named one of Progress Magazine’s fastest growing companies in 2014, and has recently expanded to include three key divisions. This expansion allows us to offer integrated success coaching for both personal and professional prosperity. Black Star Group has also been recently recognized as a finalist for the 2017 Halifax Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award.

Black Star Wealth

A Simplified Approach to Financial Services

Wealth management is about more than just investments and insurance. We show you the “how” not just the “what” and our One Number Solution™ removes the stress and confusion from managing your money. The One Number Solution factors in all of your financial challenges and ambitions and simplifies your plan so that you have only one single number to focus on. Whether you are looking to create wealth or make the most of your current fiscal reality, our unique and empowering processes will address your personal and professional financial needs, including comprehensive end of life and succession planning.

Black Star Performance

A Strategic Approach to Entrepreneurship

We get it! We are business owners, and our clients enjoy the benefits of our hard-learned lessons and insights from decades in the game. We will take the stress out of business ownership by showing you simple, tactical solutions that get results. Our solutions include the Jumpstart™ Program, an exclusive, twelve-month program offering monthly three-hour group sessions designed to put the information you need on all aspects of your business in easy reach. Whether you are starting up or looking to expand, we will teach you how to take the proven steps to take your business to the next level.

Black Star Benefits

A Consultative Approach to Employee Benefit Optimization

Change the way you look at employee benefits from a “cost” model to a “business building” model with our innovative programs designed to address talent retention and improve recruitment in your business, such as Who’s Winning?™, a tool for small and medium-sized employers to evaluate the strength of their existing group benefits offering.. Our industry expert has worked on both sides of the table and brings unique insight into designing plans that will enhance your corporate culture and your results.

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